(The Story Of Aseesha)
There is something infinitely healing about the repeated refrains of nature- the whimsical noise of the sea, the unbound wind, astonishing and serene colors and the list keeps going on to the endless shores; engulfing us completely into its sorcery.
Inspired by our surrounding elements, Aseesha was established in 2016 out of love for culture, fashion, heritage and precious elements of mother nature. At Aseesha, we don’t believe in a typical and orthodox business mentality but in setting global standards for everyday luxury; by creating a personal bond and touch to everything we design and cater.


(Our Story)
The cousins always enjoyed making shopping trips together and exploring the dept of places all around, added with their knack for design & art which flourished eventually into a venture of creating furnishings and personalized products. They would often find themselves in the middle of intense conversations about trends, standards of luxury, travelling and what not!? This floated as the wind beneath their wings and helped them sore high onto getting relevant education in the field.
Aseesha is lead by Sakshi jain (Doctorate in Finance) and Harsh jain (Accessory Designer graduated from National Institute Of Fashion Technology).

Handcrafting New Choices Everyday

Ethnic women's Apparels for all your ocassions


Aseesha is derived from Aseesha Sakshi (meaning: witness of all), and refers to new creativity. The name is based on Lord Brahma who is the creator of universe and Aseesha is dedicated to create new and unique designs to enhance your space.
The logo, lotus, is derived from the symbol of Brahma as Lord Brahma is credited as the creator of the universe. The purity associated with the values of flower lotus synced well with the creative ideology of Aseesha’s founders and hence it became the face of the brand.